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Coolest Homemade Amy the Vampire from Fright Night Costume

Halloween is one of my most favorite creative times of the year. I can remember watching horror movies at the age of 3 and being so in awe of the monstrous creations. I knew, I wanted all of my costumes to always be SCARY.

I started out this Amy the Vampire from Fright Night Costume working with simple latex creations with lots of blood and gore. But this year I wanted to challenge myself with creating my FAVORITE horror movie character from the 1980’s cult classic, Fright Night.

I watched the movie over and over again, to get ideas on how to bring this monster to life. I researched several days to find if anyone had ever attempted this character. Surprisingly, no one had.

The more I looked at the character, I knew I would have to create a latex mask in order to portray the shockingly scary open mouth of this creature.

The Internet was my most valuable research tool. There are quite a few sites that help explain the latex mask making process. First I purchased all of the products I would need. I found an awesome website, accu-cast, that sells all the product needed to make a cast of your face, hands, or any other body part. Once I received the casting materials I gathered up the rest of the stuff I would need.

My husband helped me with casting my entire face, as there was no way you can cast your own face! LoL. After the casting process was done, and the piece dried, I now had a exact replica of my face to sculpt my monster on. Using a medium sculpting putty, I spent 3 days sculpting my monstrous mouth. Enlarged photos of Amy from Fright Night allowed me to see all of the details in the teeth.

Once I was happy with the sculpture, we placed cardboard around the sculpture to create a boxed in area that we could poor the Plaster of Paris in. Slowly poor the plaster to fill to the top of the box. Once it was dried, we removed the clay sculpture very slowly and gently from the plaster. Next we lightly sprinkled baby powder in the Plaster cast of the sculpted monster face, so that the liquid latex would not stick. I used Ben Nye latex (aprx. 3 ounces) for my mask. When pouring the latex, make sure you that you fill all of the hollow pieces first (teeth, tongue, etc). Swirl around your latex in the plaster to make sure the entire mask is covered. Lastly, make sure the edges of the mask is a extremely thin layer of latex, as this is where you will glue you latex to your face. So you want it to be thin and feathered to blend into your face.

Allow the latex to dry for at least 24hrs.
Slowly and lightly pull the latex mask from the Plaster mold. I used regular makeup to paint onto the mask so that the color would be close to me real skin color. Since the mask only goes up to my nose. We cut the mask to fit my face, glued it on with spirit gum, added red contacts to my eyes, dyed my hair red, frizzed it out, and wore a Marlyn Monroe dress.

I was so excited that it turned out sooo well. All of my friends, family and spectators were shocked and impressed. It looked like a professional makeup artist created it. LoL I even got a few offers to work on a B horror movie! LoL

I wanted to share my story and directions, as anyone can make a latex mask, with hard work and lots of imagination!

Suplies needed and face casting

clay sculpture and plaster casting

Amy The Vampire from Fright Night

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6 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Amy the Vampire from Fright Night Costume”

  1. This is a great costume. I’m going to Days of the Dead Chicago in November and there will be a Fright Night reunion! I’m going to go as Amy right before the mouth incident – when she was gorgeous. Ya know, just so I can be in photos with the cast and not look insane. hehehe

    THis is great!

  2. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! It made my day! I was able to wear this costume 2 years after I made it to San Diego Comic Con where they had a panel for the remake of Fright Night! I was able to ask a question to the whole cast, and even have my photo featured as the photo of the day on Yahoo. I also was able to attend one of the premieres where I was able to get this mask signed by the actors that play Charlie Brewster and Evil Ed. :) For being one of my first major prosthetic, I was proud! You’ve always got to follow your instincts, you never know where it may take you! ;)


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