Frankenstein’s monster with a twist

Everyone does the Frankenstein’s monster the same way, rubber head piece, a ton of green makeup, platform shoes and an old black suit coat. I wanted to be able to dance in mine so the platform shoes are an issue. What I came up is called a walk- about puppet.  The head of the monster is a mask I purchased. The monsters head rests on top of mine so when I turn my head the monsters head turns. I made the eyes the same way they do ventriloquist puppets that move side to side. People really liked this giant creature.

Shoulder pad construction

I used thin aluminum strips, pop rivets and duct tape to fashion the monster’s shoulders. His shoulders rest a foot higher than mine own. I covered the aluminum structure with thin craft foam and glued on an old sweater I found at the goodwill to make a faux shirt collar.

Jacket construction

I was inspired by some great fabric a friend gave me. It has a gold stitch pattern running randomly all over it. I thought I would be perfect for a sewn together monster’s jacket. One side looks like leather so used it to make pockets and a collar that stand out from the jacket. The buttons are thin Masonite painted a copper color.

Head construction

I bought a cheap plastic army helmet and took out the head band part. I like that it had a band adjuster and also a chin strap with a clasp. The monster head is top heavy so make sure it’s secure your head and comfortable with some weight.  If I do this again I will take every bit of weight from the head that I can. The face is a purchased mask that I liked and attached it to a duct tape form of my head stuffed with foam batting. The duct tape form was made by covering my head with plastic wrap then duct tape then stuffed. The eyes move back and forth and are lit from below with white LEDs from Radio shack. The eye moment was achieved by the same method ventriloquist dummies work. I have attached a video of the completed unit before taping into the head form.  The neck section is just black craft foam painted to match the mask. I installed and screen below the chin to see out of and painted it. The brain is made of pink fondant (yes sugar and marshmallow) I make cakes too and you work with what you know right? The glass cage protecting his brain is a just plastic container some cookies came in. the brain light up with small strobe light placed in the head.