Most of the work I put into this costume went into the design and fabrication of my Monster puppet with moving eyes and mouth. The hardest part i would say was by far getting they eyes to move the right way. I probably went through 4 different set ups before I finally settled for one. The puppet is made almost entirely out of bed foam paint and glue. His mouth moves and each side of his face has a separate personality.

The left side was burned so he acts high strung and crazy. The right side was brain damaged in the body building process so he rarely comes out and when he does he acts relatively calm and collected. My monster puppet made me a hit at the Halloween parties and actually got me a few phone numbers somehow. I guess I’m more of a charmer when i talk through a monsters mouth than my own. I thought up a few jokes to tell so his ugly face would not distract from the warm personality he is so close to achieving. Frankly I’m shocked that they blew over so well.

I am Dr. Victor Frankenstein and last year my monster got out and terrified the trick or treaters to come to my house. He actually went so crazy that he rampaged the town and started a chemical fire. that’s how he got burned on the left side. thankfully the US government acts fast when monsters are running a muck or i would have never got him back. In returning him the government told me i need to “get that thing a leash” i tried that and a leash was not enough so i sewed him to my non dominant hand to teach him about the world and how to exist peacefully.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy my favorite costume in years.