For Halloween 2015 my 4-year-old little girl wanted to be Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.” As it is tradition for me to dress-up every year with my kids, I decided to go as “Marshmallow,” Elsa’s snowman bodyguard from the movie.

The video below details the creation of the costume, and highlights 2015’s Trick-or-Treat with my kids.

I created the costume for my children, knowing that they’d love it.  What I did not expect was the reaction from other parents and children.  I literally spent more time posing for pictures with children (and many adults) from the neighborhood, than I did actually Trick-or-Treating with my little ones (which is ok).

The response from everyone was amazing, and made all the work and effort worth it all the more.

To say that my Halloween 2015 costume was a success, is an understatement.

My wife and I have decided to continue to use the costume for deeds, rather than simply throwing it in storage.  Our plan is to visit local hospitals and bring a little cheer to sick children.