Female Frankenstein’s Monster Costume

I recently had ankle surgery, so wanted to choose a costume that I could incorporate my very sexy walking boot into. I also scoured the internet and sadly didn’t find many female takes on Frankenstein’s monster, only the bride of Frankenstein, so it was decided.

I used a water based face paint, a homemade molding wax that I made from vaseline and flour, liquid latex, black hairspray, and homemade bronze staples made from bronze wire from a craft store. I also painted some bolts gold to match the stapes and used the bronze wire to hang them from my hair.

I laid the molding wax around my face, and blended it into my skin. I then covered it with liquid latex and put some concealer on top to blend it in. I used regular makeup (eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick) to do the regular looking makeup. I put a thin layer of liquid latex all over the part of my face I was going to paint green to create a gross-looking skin effect. To paint that area green, I used water-based face paint to outline the “masked” area in black to give it more contrast and then green, yellow, and brown to make a lovely looking green.

For the outfit, I made the shirt out of an old tank top and a long zipper I had lying around, and I bought a jacket with oversized shoulder pads and some pleather leggings. The walking cast on my leg is just an added benefit.

I have never had more people try to touch my face in public than I did when I was wearing this costume. There were a lot of people that thought the costume was cool and probably more that thought it was pretty disgusting. Some people wouldn’t even look at me because they were so freaked out.

This is the first time I tried to do anything with prosthetics or latex. I think it turned out pretty well!

Female Frankenstein's Monster Costume

Female Frankenstein's Monster Costume

Female Frankenstein's Monster Costume

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