Beautifully-Made Carol Burnett’s Curtain Dress Costume

Beautifully-Made Carol Burnett's Curtain Dress Costume

“I just saw it in the window, and I couldn’t resist!” Holy cow, that has to be one of the funniest moments on TV! EVER! I was in 5th grade when I first saw Carol Burnett’s “Went with the Wind” spoof of “Gone with the Wind.” Her hilarious over-the-top take on a cinema classic stayed … Read more

Coolest Gone With The Wind Costume

Homemade Gone With The Wind Costume

Since I was a little girl I have loved to sew and making costumes for my kids was always a lot of fun. I have also been a fan of Gone With The Wind since our dad insisted my sister and I see the movie when we were about 13 and 11 years old. (We … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scarlet Ohara Costume

Coolest Homemade Scarlet Ohara Costume Ideas

My daughter wanted a Gone with the Wind birthday party! I bought red velvet material, red feather material, red sequins, red beads and some fake jewels as well as red gauze-like material that had some sparkles for the wrap I used a doll’s dress as a pattern and measures my daughter to fit. I sewed … Read more