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40+ Hair-Raising Homemade Chucky Costumes That’ll Freak You Out!

For all you horror fans out there, these homemade Chucky costumes will have passersby freaking out. Especially if you’ve dressed up your little child as Chucky. And, they’re holding a big knife that’s dripping with blood.

Chucky, known as “The Lakeshore Strangler” in the Child’s Play horror series, is one of the most recognizable horror icons. And since horror and Halloween go together hand in hand, Chucky costumes are a very popular choice. Some Moms dress up their kids as Chucky and even go that extra mile, dressing up themselves as Bride of Chucky. The duo is also a great couple costume for any age, and even easy to make.

So get a hold of some fake blood, maybe a few latex scars, a kitchen knife, and red spray for the hair. Make a “Good Guys” overall and you’re ready for some Halloween scaring.

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