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Scary Chuckie Doll Costume for My Ginger Son

When I was about 5 years old I hid in the kitchen of my mother and father’s home watching “Child’s Play” for the first time. When it was over I came out to let my parents know I had been watching and I was not scared of this murderous doll. So for my birthday on Nov. 1 I asked my mom and dad for a good guy doll. The next day I did not get my good guy doll it was sad birthday. Then Christmas came and under that Christmas tree was my good guy doll. I was so excited! I knew my doll was just a doll and could not harm me and I loved him. We played everything together! I took Chuckie everywhere I went….. until that day!

You see I woke up on a cold winter night to a dark room and only a small light coming from my door way. There stands Chuckie with a knife in his hand. I’ve never been afraid of my doll before but on this night I was terrified. All I hear is…. “wanna play?!” I scream for my mommy and she comes running into my room knocking over my older brother who stood behind Chuckie knife in hand.

After that terrifying night, even though I knew it was my brother standing behind Chuckie I always get a little shiver down my spine when I watch “Child’s Play”.

Much to my surprise when I was 25 I was blessed with my handsome red headed baby boy. When he was born he had pumpkin orange hair. Such a cute baby and I’m not just saying that because he’s mine he gets attention everywhere we go.

So on his 2nd Halloween I’ve decided to put my fear in the past and make him Charles Lee Ray “Chuckie”. As I make his costume I start to relive that night in my mother and father’s home. I feel the cold, fear the dark again.

I had some jean overalls that I sowed a good guy patch on found a shirt that looked about right and then started the make up. I used my eye liner and put hair gel in his hair to make it look nappy. When I was done he looked just like the evil doll. To finish the costume I have him a plastic knife to put in his pocket. I will not let him watch the movie yet but he has seen pictures and he loves his Chuckie costume!

Thanks to my son I am finally over my fear of Chuckie.

Happy Halloween!

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