I have always loved the Chucky movies they made and I always said that when I had a kid I was going to dress them up as my little Chucky doll and finally this year I did it!

I went and got older style of overalls and a striped velour sweater and got him some chucks just like in the movie. I hair sprayed his hair and dyed it red and drew stitches all over his handsome little face. I even added some grusome wound tattoos to his face to spice it up a little and doused him in blood. When he looked in the mirror he scared himself!!!

For my niece’s bride costume we got her an old wedding dress and she added her own modern flare with her boots and tiara and covered her in blood also. For her makeup we added the dramatic black makeup/lipstick just like Jennifer in the movie and we had to add the glorious beauty mark :)

This year was such a blast for our costumes. Everyone that has seen them couldn’t stop telling us how creative it was and how much better ours looked vs the ones that you can buy at the stores! There really wasn’t anything hard about doing the costumes but I think for me the hardest part was trying to get my 2 year old to sit still while we were doing his hair and makeup! Who knew little boys hated hair spray so much?! :D

It sounded like a murder scene in our house just trying to prepare him to go outside with his Chucky costume. LOL. Needless to say suckers are our lifesaver. The funniest part about his Chucky costume is that it was gruesome and scary looking, but then when he smiled at you, you really didn’t know how to feel about it because the smile made the costume even a bit more disturbing lol!

Overall we are having a blast with our custom costumes!