50+ Coolest Addams Family Costumes and Many Easy to Make Costumes

Snap your fingers for this creepily mysterious and absolutely lovable family. Even if they are overall ooky, they make some amazingly creepy DIY costumes which are perfectly suited for Halloween. So, dress up your whole family in these frighteningly awesome and many easy to make costumes from the Addams Family

Heading up this eccentric clan are Morticia and Gomez. Children Wednesday and Pugsley come next. More key players are Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt. But, by far the best part of these homemade costumes are the facial expressions of the people who wear them.

In addition, the accessories for these DIY costumes are just hilarious as the actual costumes themselves. Check out Thing resting on one of Wednesday’s shoulders. And the light bulb in the mouth of an Uncle Fester here.

So take out your black clothing and paint your face white for the spookiest Addams family costumes this Halloween!

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Costume by Jeanne S., New Castle, PA

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My dress was purchased at the local thrift store. It was a witch and I added the bottom. The necklace from Wal-Mart kids Halloween items. Morticia took a bouquet of rose stems for the party host. Gomez’s suit is also from the thrift store. His hair was craft fur, a little sewing and a lot of hairspray. Gomez had a fake smoking cigar purchased from the internet and a used crawling hand.

Lurch had a thrift store half price suit and the hair from the craft fur. Sewed the tie from scraps. Uncle Fester’s garb I sewed with discount fabric including rope belt. Light bulb that lit up was ordered online. I designed some million dollar bills with Gomez’s picture on them that he passed out. I also made finger cookies to serve.

Addams Family Easy to Make Costumes

We chose real easy to make costumes for Halloween and my family were all good sports about the whole thing and what a perfect family portrait we have!

Total Spent: $50

Costume by Angela M., Clintwood, VA

Addams Family Easy to Make Costumes

While searching for easy to make costumes, we decided that my son Joshua would make a good Uncle Fester. I bought several yards of brown burlap and my sister sewed the robe together. We salvaged a fur collar from an old coat and attached it to the top.

The final step was shaving Josh’s head. It is not as easy as you would think especially with thick hair. With his head shaved all that was left was to use a little makeup to darken under his eyes. We tried to find a trick light bulb that would light up in his mouth but didn’t have time to go get one.

Total Spent: $10

Costume by Jennifer G., Holland, MI

Addams Family Easy to Make Costumes

With a last minute Party, we were at a loss for cool costume ideas for Halloween. We hunted through the closets and came up with a lot of black so Wednesday from the Addams Family came to mind.

We simply used: A long Black shirt dress, black leggings, black boots/shoes will do. I baby powdered her face to be white and braided her hair and of course she wore a frown.

Most of these items can easily be found at your local thrift/used store if you don’t already have them in your closet. Black is an easy color to find.

Total Spent: $5

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