Not just in our homemade costumes are we the real life “Adams Family”. So, thought that for sure thought it would be so fun dress up for Halloween in a DIY Addams family costume!!! It was so very fun to do! We have two daughters so we decided to do one Wednesday from the first movie and the oldest daughter as the Wednesday from part two “the Addams family values!

Making our DIY Addams Family Costume

We started with dad aka Gomez, he grew out his hair and mustache for his role, used a black and white stripped suite and we found a red bow tie in the men’s section. Then for Morticia we used a witch dress in the Halloween section and added a elastic thick black belt. I also used a long black haired wig and pale makeup. We did a lot of contouring as Morticia is fairly tall and lean.

Both Wednesdays (our daughters) have long dark hair so we just needed to part their hair and braid it. We found long black dresses at the second hand store. For the younger Wednesday I found a dressy white shirt to put under the black dress for the collar part, it worked perfect!!! And just black nylons and black shoes.

For Pugsley we found some dressy black pants at the store and cut them shorter to make them into shorts. It was a bit challenging to find a black and white striped shirt. So at first I used my shirt with that pattern and was way to big. I was going to sew it but last minute I found one that fit my son at Walmart!!!

And last for Pubert, our little guy, I had to find a grey top and I bought grey sweat pants then with felt fabric. I traced a spider shape for his top, cut the spider shape out and used a hot glue gun and it worked great!!! Also I got some black buttons and hot glue gunned those too. And did the same for the collar with some black ribbon!!! And voila…The ADDAMS family!!!