This year I wanted to pick a costume for my family of four. One of our favorite movies is The Addams Family, and it was a perfect fit for us, and very easy and inexpensive. This is how I made our Addams Family Halloween costume.

Morticia- that’s me. I bought a cheap, long black witch’s wig a long black sleeveless dress from eBay, a flamenco-style belly dancer shrug from eBay a skull-adorned goblet from a party store a black rose from Target. I used a makeup tutorial from YouTube

Gomez Addams- we didn’t need to buy a thing for this costume! My husband already owns a brown velvet jacket and a bowtie. He slicked his hair back as usual, and shaved well. Then he penciled in a thin black mustache. He added a stale cigar for flair.

Wednesday Addams- my favorite! We got her a black wig, which I braided. I painted her face with white Halloween makeup (a vampire makeup kit from a party store), and blended grey-black eyeshadow above and below her eyes. She is wearing a dress shirt of mine, with a black Gap Kids tunic we picked up at a thrift store. She’s wearing black and white striped tights from a party store.

Pugsley Addams- I scoured the internet for a black and white boy’s tshirt, but couldn’t find one. So I bought a boy’s criminal costume from eBay, and used the top, paired with regular black shorts.

Thing- Don’t forget about Thing! I bought an amputated rubber hand from the party store. Unfortunately it had a red blood line around the wrist, and Thing is a classy, nonviolent family member, so we needed to hide that. I cut up an old men’s shirt and hot-glued the sleeve around the wrist. I used several safety pins to pin together the hand, shirt cuff, and Pugsely’s shirt.

Bonus points:
-Morticia- I made red jello for my goblet. I added 3 plastic spider rings and a LED ice cube to it.

-For Wednesday’s and Morticia’s wigs- we wore black pantyhose on our heads as wig caps. I wove the legs of Wednesday’s pantyhose into the braids. For Morticia, I simply let the legs blend in with the hair, since the hair was so long (and annoying! It was too long and difficult to manage).

-Wednesday and Pugsley- I let them each pick out a weapon of their choice. In this case, an axe and a dagger. One prop is enough.

-Watched The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values several times this week for inspiration!

This group costume turned out fabulously! We went to a Halloween party last night and people began singing the theme song when they saw us. Although some kids, too young to really know the Addams Family, did not recognize us.

I put the photo on Facebook, and have gotten about 100 likes in four hours. It was a hit!