My daughter loves The Addams Family and had been waiting all year to be Wednesday.  She also wanted me to be Morticia so I went along with the fun.  I decided to make the costumes myself after I couldnt find any pre-made costumes I liked.

For Wednesday:  I bought a black dress on eBay, in my daughters size, I also bought a men’s white collared shirt at a local store. I cut the collar off of the white shirt and sewed it onto the black dress, I also added some buttons, and hemmed the dress. I bought a plastic hand from the 99 cent store\’s Halloween decorations and painted it to look more realistic and more like “Thing.” I also added a pin to the back of it and attached it to the dress to look like Thing is resting on her shoulder.  I bought an Native Indian girl wig from a costume store, cut and altered it to look more like Wednesday’s hair.  I used ivory foundation makeup and dark brown eyeshadow to make my daughter pale and spooky looking. I bought thick black tights, and simple black shoes to finish the costume off.  But I think what makes the costume is that my daughter is in character and knows how to act just like Wednesday!

For Morticia:  I bought black stretchy fabric and sewed together a long black dress.  I cut triangles on the bottom to make fringe similar to classic Morticia.  I added sheer fabric fringe to the sleeves.  I bought a long black wig from the costume store.  I put on ivory foundation makeup and used dark brown powder for shadowing to look pale.  I used black eyeliner and eyeshadow for my eyes to resemble Morticia.  I painted my nails red as a final touch.

The costumes took a couple of weeks to make, and I’m very happy with the final outcome as long as my daughter was happy…or shall I say miserable!