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Cool DIY SnoopDoggyDog Cousin It Costume from The Addams Family

I had to do many trips to stores to collect items and all last minute. Scoured goodwill and Lowe’s. Went to dollar tree and Michael’s. My son and I went to the new movie and that’s what sparked this love for Cousin It. He wanted to be the cool SnoopDoggyDog version so finding the items was a scavenger hunt.

I was only given a week to collect and construct his brainstorming idea to real Life. Hence ready to trick or treat today. He didn’t get his microphone – amazon delivery system failed us but Que Será, Será.

He helped me put together his cane with the golden knob. He wanted the hat to have the Addams Logo in gold so I had to go to the store twice for the right look. The hair we had trouble with, 3 times to the store for yarns and it was one time a different color. Had to try to curl it with hairspray and curlers. Made layers. Like a hula skirt type wrap for waist and shoulders.

Added the glasses and the yarn under the hat. Had to add more yarn, possibly will add more post Halloween for next year or just display. I ran out of Money. I wanted his result to be approved by him since he had the idea in his head to be Cousin It. Enjoy

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