Cool Homemade Cousin Itt Costume

We decided to go as the Addams Family for Halloween. I talked my 10 year old daughter into being Cousin Itt. A Cousin Itt costume is REALLY hard to find, so I decided to whip one up on my own. I had a black bowler hat already, so I just needed everything else. I spray painted on old pair of pink wayfarer sunglasses black, and found long black gloves in the dress up trunk. I thought of every possible material to make Cousin Itt’s fabulous long blond locks, but nothing seemed right. (yarn, hula skirts, wigs…noooo) Then, I remembered a bed skirt I purchased a few years back when I was updating my daughter’s room in a tropical / hula theme. It was an $80 raffia bed skirt that I got on clearance for $7.99. Yea! Perfect!

I used the bed skirt to basically make 2 “dresses”. I cut the cloth part of the bed skirt so it would go over her head and hang off her shoulders (like a sandwich board.) I made one longer than the other, so there would be 2 layers of raffia. I used safety pins and pinned up the sides. Next, I hot glued a section of the bed skirt to the bowler hat to make the third layer of raffia. It looked great, but she couldn’t see anything once the sunglasses went on. I ended up cutting the raffia off at the top of the sunglasses and hot gluing it to the bottom of the sunglasses. She wore black leggings and black boots to complete the look. It was amazing and best of all, it cost me nothing to make!

We got so many compliments on the costume, and she had a blast wearing it!

Cool Homemade Cousin Itt Costume

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