This costume was super easy to make!

Supplies needed:

*10 adult size natural color hula skirts

*full or queen size flat sheet in a cream or light tan color

*safety pins (medium to large size)

*bowling hat


I began with putting the flat sheet over my body to cover me (as if I were dressing up as a ghost), and marked with a marker where my eyes, nose and mouth were.  Take the sheet off and cut out holes where you marked.

Put sheet back on, and with the help of another person, start wrapping the hula skirts around, working from the bottom up.  I used safety pins to attach mine, because when I attempted to sew them, they were too heavy to be sewn on.  I am 5’3 and I used three hula skirts, one at my waist, one under my armpits and one around top of my head. I placed my last hula skirt in between the nose and mouth hole. Keep repeating all your layers until you can’t see the sheet through the grass skirt.

After you have your desired amount of grass skirts on, apply bowling hat, and sunglasses. Once I had my sunglasses on, I couldn’t see, so I used one hand to grab the grass that was sitting in between the glasses and my eyes and took glasses off and cut off that section, and repeated with other eye.

This was extremely heavy and a very HOT costume, but so worth it!  I loved walking in and everyone trying to figure out who it was underneath all the “hair.”