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Coolest and Cheapest Addams Family Costume

With the help of a glue gun, thrift store and a little from Amazon, we were able to create fun and not so common Halloween family costumes.

I bought the wigs and plastic hand from Amazon. I found the dresses at goodwill for 1.xx. I cut and hot glued a cut up white shirt for Wednesday’s collar and sleeves. For pugs-let, I used a striped maternity shirt and darkened the stripes with a Sharpie. I had my husband throw his suit on and made a bow tie out of black fabric. For baby, we got a gray onesie from thrift store and I puffy painted a black spider and black color. Black eyeliner for mustache and black face paint to coat and darken his hair. Hot glued a few spiders on cuffs of Wednesday and on bow tie. Bought white face makeup to lighten everyone up. We had a blast. Everyone who passed, asked to take our picture. We won best family costume in our city.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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