Coolest Homemade Family Costume 1980’s Movie Characters

Coolest Homemade Family Costume 1980's Movie Characters

Indiana Jones Hat, lasso, treat bag, explorer shirt – check (these are all items that can be purchased at any Halloween or Party store). But the jacket, THE JACKET. I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase the jacket that came with those items. It was made out of plastic. So, I set out online in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Indiana Jones Costume

Indiana Jones Costume

It was so fun make this Indiana Jones costume! Until this year we had always bought our costumes from the usual places (Target/Wall-Mart/etc.). Never again! I asked my son who he wanted to be for Halloween and he said he wanted an Indiana Jones costume. Since I knew there weren’t any “store” costumes available my … Read more

Indiana Jones Costume for 9-Year-Old Boy

Indiana Jones Costume for 9-Year-Old Boy

I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. I’ve made this costume several times but it never looked very authentic. So during a recent trip to Disney World I finally got myself an Indiana Jones hat! Yay! That’s just what the costume needed. The bag and the whip I purchased online. The bag came as a kit … Read more