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Coolest Homemade Indiana Jones Costume

It was so fun make this Indiana Jones costume! Until this year we had always bought our costumes from the usual places (Target/Wall-Mart/etc.). Never again! I asked my son who he wanted to be for Halloween and he said he wanted an Indiana Jones costume. Since I knew there weren’t any “store” costumes available my wife and I began our quest.

First stop Goodwill. As we walked in the first thing we saw was a hat hanging on a costume rack! Couple of modifications and it was perfect and cheap. I’m glad I didn’t get crazy and order the authentic $50 hat online. On the same visit we found shoes, pants, belts and bag. All we needed was the shirt and jacket and the whip. Eventually we found a jacket at another thrift store. However I found the perfect jacket at Ross for $15 (normally $45).

I had a hard time finding the right shirt for our Indiana Jones costume, but after a lot of searching I found it at JC Penny! After finding a couple of web sites devoted to detailed description of Indiana Jones’ wardrobe I made my own replicas of all his accessories. For the whip I just wrapped a piece of rope with brown electrical tape! Now I should note that I did get a little obsessed with making it look as authentic as possible which drove up the total price but I had an absolute blast! For somebody that wants to spend less I definitely suggest the thrift store method; with time you can find everything you need. Total

Total Spent on our Indiana Jones costume: $50

Costume by Tony B., Bakersfield

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