My son decided to tell me this year he’d like to be Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. He knows I make every costume, why this?? lol, but I took it head on, and worked on it simultaneously with Alice for my daughter.  So, I started with his sword.  It’s a .99 cents only store plastic sword, that I painted and covered with Styrofoam snow, then painted.  The actual clothes I got from a thrift shop. the jacket was a very large men’s pullover, and I just split it down the middle and sewed it.

I made the shells, barnacles and starfish out of Styrofoam.  I had thin sheets of it that I glued together, then cut out the shape, sanded it, then painted.  To make application of the barnacles easier, I glued them to sheets of felt and then cut them into odd shapes so they were in groups already.  His hats brim I made out of corduroy and heavy duty fusing, and attached it to an old baseball hat dome. The edging is yellow blanket edging.

The coral “feather” I made by squiggling hot glue onto a piece of plastic wrap, then peeling it after it set, and painted.I painted the whole outfit with watered down red, green, orange and yellow paints to make it look like algae.  His claw I made out of red foam sheet and made it like a glove that he could slip off and on.  His beard and hair, I made each tentacle and sewed it to some elastic that  I looped around his ears. He also has a bracelet of tentacles, and one big tentacle he was able to slide his finger in to animate it.

I glued the foam pieces, small real shells and Spanish moss all over the belt, jacket, hat and front of the pants. He ended up not liking the beard ( don’t blame him) so I just made him wear it so his dad could see (I took them to his work so he could see them) and his grandma. Then he took it off to run around. Everyone loved it, and got a lot of people taking his picture at downtown Burbank, both asking to pose with him and candid walk by’s. Since I was walking behind I was able to see everything and it made me proud that I did it and that everyone liked it. I still have the costume and I don’t know what to do with it!