I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan. I’ve made this costume several times but it never looked very authentic. So during a recent trip to Disney World I finally got myself an Indiana Jones hat! Yay! That’s just what the costume needed.

The bag and the whip I purchased online. The bag came as a kit but other than that I didn’t have to do any sewing or pining of any kind. He already had a brown pair of pants and a white button-up shirt. The “leather jacket” is not leather but rather an older siblings corduroy shirt.   For the shoes he wore his older sisters riding boots (wow are his feet big!).  For a finishing touch I added small dark brown dots to look like unshaven facial hair.

The whole time I was doing it we were both giggling and he could NOT stop smiling (which did not help with the painting process : ). The whole family loved it and so did a friend who said he looked like he was 18! LOL!! : )

I’m 16 years old, love creating costumes and this is one of my favorites!