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Coolest 12+ Homemade Pennywise the Clown Costumes

Forget the demons and zombies this year. All you need for a frightening Halloween costume is based on Stephen King’s novel It. The latest movie has given new DIY costume life to his terrifying clown character. So, if you can handle it, take a look at these Pennywise the Clown Costumes below.

You don’t need to dwell in a sewer to create these homemade costume looks. The baggy clothing of a clown costume is not difficult to make. Whether you sew or prefer a glue gun, you will see many DIY costume tutorials guiding you in the construction of your Halloween costume.

In order to take this costume from a sweet clown to one who inflicts terror on small children, it is all about the make-up. Discover the tricks to creating flawless clown costume make-up for your best homemade costume this year.

So, take a look at these DIY costumes and enjoy creeping people out this Halloween!