Scary Pennywise the Clown Costume- I just bought a clown costume. Then went to hobby lobby and bought 2 yards yellow cotton and sewed it on the front so it looks like Pennywise outfit.

Bald wig- bought it at a costume store. Clown bald cap, use steamer to flatten out hair(works perfect!!)

Teeth- bought teeth at same store but you can purchase online. Type in Pennywise clown teeth.

Contacts- red wolf contacts get online.

Nose-cheap nose (painted it bright red with nail polish)

Socks-I bought at party city

Shoes-You could use clown shoes or I just wore my colorful Adidas.

Demon hands-They are just witch hands that you can get at a Halloween store.


REACTIONS- ha ha well….lets just say I cleared out bars cause people were so terrified! hahaha I LOVED IT! Best costume ever!

I think probably the hardest part was to find the clown costume and make it like Pennywise. The wig was kind of hard to find as well.  But if you look hard enough you should find it.