After seeing the film, as a kid, I fell in love with the movie! One of my favorite actors ‘Tim Curry’ and also loving the design of the costume, I decided to make my own Stephen King’s IT – Pennywise the Clown Costume. I was given an old Singer sewing machine, for free, so I gave it a bash!

I bought a basic clown pattern and modified it, the best I could, to the actual one! It wasn’t easy, and also involved some bad language, but kind of got there in the end.

I struggled with the material for the sleeve design, so again – I customized my own. It went well and I was pleased with the outcome. It took in total, about 6 hours work (from a total beginner on the sewing machine..).

I was very pleased on the actual night (Halloween 2010)! I was well respected for the time which I had taken on the costume. I wasn’t altogether happy with the make-up, but others appreciated the outcome! It even earned me a free beer! Wahooo!