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Coolest 35+ Homemade Clown Costumes

Scarier than the spookiest ghost costume. Responsible for giving nightmares to small children everywhere. That’s right, we bring to you an awesome collection of clown costumes! Most clowns are adorable and friendly but the other kind are chilling enough to make the most terrifying Halloween costume this year.

For sweet, cheerful clown costumes, take a look at the many examples below. These DIY costumes bring real joy to all those who wear them. Use materials you have at home to create colorful homemade costumes. Get inspired from the joyful DIY costumes. Create your own unique look for the happiest clown costume for Halloween.

In order to really dive into the Halloween costume spirit, go headfirst to a creepy homemade costume. You will see some truly horrifying DIY costumes in this collection. You must check out the amazingly cool make-up art. It truly makes all of these homemade costumes.

In addition, check out the awesome clown car wheelchair costume here.

So, whether you like happy clowns or scary ones, check out this vibrant collection of homemade costumes.


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