This is our seven year old son’s homemade ‘I-Scream Truck’ we made him this year.

The way we built it, was just to cut out some cardboard boxes. We used four boxes to be exact, and we taped them together to build the truck body. The frame of the truck was a power wheels 6-volt jeep. Just good enough to haul his weight. We built the body and taped it to the frame with duct tape. Then we used about six cans of white spray paint and one can of yellow to paint the body.

I went online and saved and printed out a few crazy clown pictures, and about 35 pictures of creepy ice cream labels. Those were glued on with Elmer’s glue as his menu board. We hand painted a few Ice Cream cones on it as well using fabric paint.

For the inside, we used a box as a shelf, and on the shelf we glued down some fake body parts, and some organs an candy slime body parts as well. We had mounted strobe lights on the inside to give it lighting on the inside. We also strung up mini LED lights on both sides of the outside and Skull LED lights around what would be the windshield. We used a few of my yard Halloween decorations as props on the truck as well, like the rib cage off of my light up skeleton in my yard, we used it as his grill.

Our Zombie fogger was placed on top of the truck with a creepy clown mask on its head and we used spray foam and re finger nail polish to create the effect of bloody guts coming off of his torso on back of the truck. We used my husband’s head lamps for headlights on the truck. This is something we do every year as a family; build an awesome costume. We have won every year for the past three years, every where we go.

This year, we didn’t get to make it to any of the contest we normally enter after all that hard work and dedication. But making this truck was Very fun at times, and also very stressful at times when I thought it wasn’t going to look right. But after all the work was done, it was perfect. The best feature of it was the boom-cube and mp3 player it was hooked up inside and as he would drive, it actually played creepy ice cream truck music.

It was great when all the little kids were so mesmerized over it stop and stare. And even-though we didn’t get to enter any contest, the fun and love of creating this art with my family was the best. Thank You and I Hope you enjoy our entry. The Kincer Family 2014.