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Creepy Clown Couple Costume

This costume was inspired from a childhood fear. Clowns. The clothing and shoes all came from thrift store. With a bit of cutting and sewing I reworked and added to the all of the clothing pieces. I just gathered as many crazy patterns as I could from the thrift store finds. I scetched up a look for each of us and went from there. As the main costume came together I got more inspired to add the little things. The idems bought new was wig for the girl clown, and the males unpainted facial latex foam mask.

The females gelitin mask was personaly handcrafted by myself.This being the hardest piece. I first had to cast my face, to make a copy of myself. This gave me a cast copy of my face. Then with sculting clay I sculpted me lips on my casted copy of my face. The teeth was fake fingernail shaped to look like teeth. Once happy with the sculpt I removed only the teeth. Then Casted my “copy of me” but with the clay sculpt once dry I removed the cast and clay clean real well and sprayed no stick cooking spray on both casted pieces. The poured hot 300 bloom gelitin in casting and put the two copy castings together (my original and the “lips added” cast) then pop into fridge to cool down and harding the gelitin then pulled it apart. Out came this pair of lips!!! VERY cool.

This is my very first prosthetic makeup piece, and I was very happy with it. Then hand painted and place back the fingernails and paited them. I knew where they are supposed to go because the clay left marks where I had placed them during the sculpt. There is plenty of info on the internet on ow to do this. I suggest doing something small like I did to get the idea on how to do things. If you feel this is a bit out of your range you can still get her look  with only face paint.

All makeup applied by myself. The males wig was also pick up from thrift store. (WASH ALL WIGS NOT BOUGHT NEW! You only need 1/3 cup of bleach to a sinkfull of hot water. then shampoo with your favorite shampoo). I cut the top of the wig out to give that bald look and reworked it to give it a better look. The “clever” handbag was also hand made by myself vynl, zipper, chain,satin,spay paint and acrlic paints. The smaller details like buttons and such was purchased. The males buttons was cheap eyeball glasses found from party store and I just used the eyeballs as his buttons. It took me months of gathering items to add to it. It was a lot of fun finding little things. The males arm sleeves are really pants, they where some sort of young persons dance wear I believe. I loved the pattern and they fit his arms perfect!. His pants where made from two pairs of nurses uniforms that was neon colors then I added the checkerd pattern in there to make it a bit more wacky. Both of our gloves are crazy socks that we just cut. Use pipe cleaners for the female wig pony tail holders and the male pocket flower.

So in review:

What you will need to get this look.

Skill level -Medium to advanced (don’t be afraid push your skills to next level! you can do it!)

Makeup, 1 bald cap, 1 sports coat (male) 1 jacket (female), 2 pairs of shoes, buttons, material, 2 wigs, clown mask

Think crazy as you can when putting this all together!. Have fun with this look. You will be a big hit.

We sure did and took hundreds of photos with people. We had people waiting in lines wanting our pic with them.

Finishing touches for him 1 red ballon for her big twisty lollipop.

and give yourself a Clown name ours where Lollipop and Sugar Daddy ( Candy names)

Check out my costume in action, here!

Creepy Clown Couple Costume

Creepy Clown Couple Costume

Creepy Clown Couple Costume

Creepy Clown Couple Costume

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