Coolest Homemade Circus Clown in a Clown Car Wheelchair Costume

We kept the Love Bug Car we made for Sarah’s Hippie Halloween costume the previous year and wanted to recycle it somehow. Trying to come up with an idea of how to use a small car, we thought of a Circus Clown in a Clown Car Wheelchair Costume.

The car was already cut out from large cardboard boxes and covered with bright yellow plastic tablecloths. We took off the peace symbols but left some of the brightly colored tie-dye flowers. Then, since we live in New York, we cut out a big red apple for each side of the car. With a greeting card program, we wrote “Big Apple Circus” in circular shaped lettering to put around the apples.

The box easily folded flat for transporting when not around the wheelchair. We attached string loops to the inside of the box for hanging the box from the wheelchair. The loops in the back were adjustable to be able to adjust the height/level of the box. A small piece of 1×1 can be used the inside edge of the box to add stability if the long side is bowing too much.

Next we made a circus clown outfit for Sarah using a pattern and brightly colored Harlequin and polka dot fabric, complete with ruff and big multi-colored yarn pom-poms down the front. The cone-shaped hat was made from oak-tag and the fabric was applied using spray adhesive. We even made a mini-ruff and hat for Sarah’s stuffed dog! Face make-up completed the clown look.

Sarah’s younger brother’s Circus Animal in a Cage costume kept the circus theme going.

Homemade Circus Clown in a Clown Car Wheelchair Costume

Homemade Circus Clown in a Clown Car Wheelchair Costume