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Coolest Circus Freak Group Costume

Here are the instructions to make a Homemade Circus Freak Group Costume.

Thrifted blazer cut so it had “tails” in back, added fringe and a bustle made from a thrifted skirt. Skirt made from a thrifted dress, added gold ruffle. Handmade bow tie on elastic strap. Purchased top hat on a headband and added gold chains and feather. Gloves, fishnets, socks & boots from closet. Purchased cane.

Snake Charmer:
Thrifted “MC Hammer” pants, vest and silk top. Gold belt made from several thrifted necklaces. Feather added to purchased turban. Snake from toy box. Flute carved from wood. Purchased face paint.

Bearded Lady:
Thrifted “show choir” dress and VERY large women’s shoes. Purchased fishnets and wig. Added flower to wig.

Tattoo’ed Girl:
Tattoo tights and shirt & bustier from eBay. Skirt made from thrifted dress. Neck and wrist pieces sewn from fabric with black lace added. Face tattoos done with make-up. Shoes from closet. Feather added to purchased “flapper” headpiece.

Tunic sewn from leopard print material. Leggings and boots from closet. Barbell made by applying a thin layer of paper mache over Styrofoam balls, then painting, then hot-gluing to ends of copper pipe. Purchased tattoos for head and moustache.

Half Man-Half Woman:
Top and bottoms made by cutting in half and sewing together a thrifted prom dress and a men’s suit. Women’s wig purchased and one half cut like a man’s hair. Purchased beard and moustache and cut in half. Lots of thrifted jewels on women’s side.

Wheel of Death Girl:
Thrifted dress. Skirt made from thrifted skirt. Belt made by adding sequined trim to a thrifted cummerbund, a fake knife with the blade removed was hot glued to the belt. Bow tie necklace made from thrifted hair bow. Handmade striped bloomers worn under skirt (not shown). Headpiece made with a fake apple, feathers, striped material, mask and a headband. Fake knife taken apart and hot-glued to sides of apple to make “stabbed” illusion. Purchased striped tights. Wheel made from a large piece of cardboard. One side painted with a target, with sequined hand-cuffs attached. Back side painted with carnival letters “Wheel of Death”. Fake knives stuck through the wheel. Wheel was worn by strapping elastic through the wheel at shoulder height and then over the shoulders.

Homemade Circus Freak Group Costume

Homemade Circus Freak Group Costume

Homemade Circus Freak Group Costume

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