Coolest Pennywise the Clown Costume

I undertook making this Pennywise the Clown Costume with the aim of getting it nearest the original as possible. With no experience on a sewing machine I perhaps ambitiously purchased my clown costume pattern and sourced the best matching material I could find and cut the sections to size. In the end the sewing side took quite some time but with a pretty good result I think.

Getting the face correct was key for the costume and after trimming a full wig to size, applying the correct make-up and inserting my prosthetic teeth I attempted to insert some lenses in the style of the clown late in the film. Being a non-lens wearer this proved one step too far and instead my girlfriend wore the lenses adding something to her own costume.

The end result was an immediate crowd pleaser to the extent I had security guards in our local take-away approaching me for pictures with them.

I have since added to the clown ruff to insert the coloured layer from the original film and make the costume as near perfect as I could.

 Pennywise The Clown Costume

 Pennywise The Clown Costume

 Pennywise The Clown Costume

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  1. that costume is really really good, I wanted to dress as Pennywise for Halloween but cant find a yellow suit anywhere, what did you make your’s from?

  2. Hi Michelle

    To make the costume I bought the material from my local store. The yellow is just a plain yellow cotton but the finding striped material to match the original was very difficult.

    The original costume has a slightly shiny material with green and purple strips separated by a fine pink line. The nearest I could find is what you can see and is in fact material for making ties.

    I bought a decent clown costume pattern and went to work with scissors and a sewing machine!

    Hope that helps.

  3. That is amazing, great job, that truly is a terrifying costume, brought back memories of being 15 and watching the made for TV it movie haha.

  4. I wanted to tell you that your costume is the only one I’ve seen that is closest to the original movie… How many people and kids did you scare with it? I bet it was hilarious… Happy Halloween!

  5. – The wig was purchased. If you google “bald clown wig” you will get a variety of options. I bought one with a spandex white head piece and then trimmed the hair to match.

    – I used a small latex woochie nose which I trimmed to size. I painted it with my girlfriend’s red nail varnish to give it the gloss red colour and then affixed it with spirit gum. It stayed on all night, although if you do the same I advise you to leave it few hours between painting and sticking onto your face. The fumes from ther varnish were a little intense!

    – I made the costume as described!

    – thanks CTwizzy, I scared a few people with childhood clown phobia’s on the night!

  6. I actually did the same costume 3 years in a row, won scariest costume all 3 years at work and at a local club here in New York. I spent about $500 on that costume (it was nuts). Good job by the way

  7. I’m about to start making the Pennywise costume. I bought the yellow cotton a year ago. I have studied the costume and I think the sleeves are ‘satin’. I bought some Forrest green satin and purple satin. I’m going to cut into strips and sew together.

    I really like your waist coat, it looks like the real thing. That’s the one I think I will have problems with. Could you let me know where you got it or how you made it.

    I’ll post picture when its finally made.

  8. hi there just wondered were u got the orange balls from on the front of your costume and were to get that waistcoat?

  9. I’m dressing up like pennywise this year. I already have the teeth and The red contact lenses. just trying to figure out the rest of the costume.

  10. That is probably the most wicked costume in existence. I don’t know if I would try to get a picture with you, or stay as far away from you as possible

  11. I really want to go as pennywise this year in Holland with carnival… but I can’t find any suit that match pennywises… is your’s up for sale??

  12. Thanks all for the comments. To respond to the few questions:

    Pickle – probably a bit late for a response but I found the waistcoat online. It’s a girls size 8 and I’m 6.2 so needed to make some adjustments and added the edging to try and get it near the original. I have also since added the coloured layer to the neck ruff so it looks spot on.

    Anon – keep your eyes of the girl that’s my future wife!

    Nancy – Not sure I could part with it after all the hard work and would love to wear it again to see people’s faces. Post your email though and I will drop you a line if I change my mind.

  13. you can find the pennywise teeth online. google it, i found some in America. may cost you £50-60 to buy and ship them over though.

    do you know what type of waistcoat it was. it looks remarkably like the real one. any links?

  14. hi i was wondering if you still made costumes ,how small can you make one, and how much will you charge.really need some help or direction please thanks

  15. I just finished the costume for my daughter, we got it as close to the movie photos as possible. The only thing we weren’t as satisfied with was the wig and hair. We searched the internet for a lot of good ideas. I will get my daughter to post some of the pictures and if I can help with answers I will.

  16. just wondering how you made the vest, looks like a great match for penny wise.

    Where can I buy enough material to make his vest. can you please let me know the address, store to order the vest material, also phone number if possible. The vest looks great and the costume also . Thanks Lance Brunk email or xell 15198977376

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