What a week with a difference for sure! Bumped into my cousin who says to me I’m going to a party Saturday (baring in mind it’s the Monday!) and fancy going as a clown as I know there will be some there who’s petrified of them, have you got any ideas?

Pennywise immediately sprung to mind!! Got beavering studying images, could I find the correct fabric? well after scouring the Internet and fabric shops it was apparent it doesn’t exists! How do I combat this? I had no option but to make my own! I bought the 2 fabrics purple and green and made it myself!! Loads of work to do! And I forgot how long to takes to make a big old traditional pompom! As not made them since a was a little girl, they took forever!

With accessories from U Need Us the whole outfit was a major success with the word AWESOME falling from everyone’s mouth basically and even made a couple of girls having smoke in a car cry after sneaking up on them! Well if that’s not a compliment!

I’m a dab hand on the sewing machine, but really impressed myself with this costume.