I decided to go wild this year and take on a major project. I made a shower for the costume but went beyond the usual Karate Kid outfit and went with the shower scene from Psycho. Yes, I made a Psycho Shower Costume out of a whole scene.

I made the shower itself out of PVC pipe spray painted silver and rigged onto a backpack (also painted silver to blend). There are some great tutorials online to make Karate Kid showers and those helped. Don’t forget the funnel with tinsel as the shower head! I used two opaque shower curtains and used bright red paint to make hand prints (latex glove is a must) and a spoon to splatter the paint. Then I held the curtain up to get the paint to run. The paint took a few days to dry on the curtain. However, it was important to use the paint, not just fake blood, so it didn’t come off at night.

For the dress I hot glued the blue ribbon onto skin colored wide ribbon then pinned that on to a skin colored dress (so I could reuse it). Finally, I just stuck on a knife. My outfit could have been improved with a bigger knife/some fake blood. However, I didn’t want to get all messy and just called it a day with the GIANT shower.

This was one of the best costumes I have ever made and was a HUGE hit with everyone. I wore it for a big Halloween ball in a hotel and at a house party. I would not recommend this for something at a house — mostly because doors are not your friend in this.