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Hitchcock Halloween Psycho Costumes

My daughters, Emma (12) and Olivia (14), saw the movie ‘Psycho’ last summer and loved it! So, this Halloween they went as Marion (in the shower) and Norman/Mother.

The Norman/Mother was very easy – I lucked out with a great find at Goodwill for the dress, added an old lady wig, some pearl jewelry, and a knife – he/she was done.

The shower was a bit more challenging – especially since I usually make everything the day before. I had a round pop up hamper and attached a hula hoop (cut to size and painted silver) with eight wire hangers. The shower pipe shape was done with a hanger (covered in bubble wrap to make fatter) and the shower head with some empty plastic food containers and covered the whole thing in foil. The shower spray is Christmas tinsel (only time I’ve ever been happy to see all the Christmas stuff out early!). I used O rings to attach a shower curtain and  splashed some red paint on it.

Emma played the Psycho theme music from her phone to set the mood!

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