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Coolest Hanging with Saw Illusion Costume

Spent $30 on costume, items without $$ next to them I had already from home or previous years. Bought everything from Goodwill.

‘Saw’ mask
Clear Mask ($4)
Old Jeans
Turtle neck long sleeve shirt ($5)
White gloves ($2)
Black Slacks
Old Shoes
2 Clothe Hangers
Duct Tape ($2)
50 large safety pins ($3)
Stuffing/Bubble Wrap ($8, walmart)
Red Paint (2)

1. ‘Saw’ Mask
Stuff masked with wadded paper taped around an upside down empty water bottle. Added 2 glow sticks to the inside of the mask and taped in for a different effect at night time!! This will go onto the clothes hanger.

2. Upper Body of ‘Saw’
Taped together 2 clothe hangers together for sturdiness. Bent the hook on the clothes hangers vertically up for the empty water bottle to slide onto. Taped mounds of bubble wrap onto the clothes hangers for shoulders. Slipped white long sleeve shirt onto hanger and cut a hole from shoulder blade to should blade for legs to fit into.

3. Legs of ‘Saw’
Cut the slacks about 20 inches beneath the pockets. Taped bubble wrap inside the slacks with the butt is to give more realism.

4. Fake human legs.
Took old jeans and cut a slit from side to side just beneath the back pockets. All of the cuts are for your legs to fit through. Cut only as wide as you need to. Stuffed jean legs with a bunch of stuffing and then duct taped old shoes onto the bottom of legs.

5. Piece together.
Safety pinned the hole of the white shirt to the bottom hole of the jeans. Safety pinned the white shirt tucked into the slacks. Slid mask with water bottle onto the clothes hanger.

6. Stepped into the costume and had friend tie my slack shoes for me. Safeft pinned white gloves that I stuffed onto long sleeve shirt and safety pinned hangs onto jeans. Add splashes of red paint to bady and arms.

Had lots of fun making this Homemade Hanging with Saw Illusion Costume! Tons of people thought there was a midget beneath me and couldn’t believe it was just me walking around normal. Won 2 contests and 2 different parties already this past weekend. One for scariest and one for most elaborate. Super fun!!

Homemade Hanging with Saw Illusion Costume

Homemade Hanging with Saw Illusion Costume

Homemade Hanging with Saw Illusion Costume

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