This year we decided to do the Psycho costume from the classic movie with Anthony Perkins! I wanted Kevin to design me a shower to wear with my head still visible, and he would be son dressed as the mother-psycho-killer. We also like the idea to be black and white, so we took a lot of photos in black and white as well.

Kevin constructed my shower by spray painting a hula hoop silver and attaching pvc piping to it. I wore a medical brace around my waist and the piping, which in turn held up the curtain. Kevin constructed the shower head using a kitchen sink strainer and streamers. I used 2 shower curtains hooked on by plastic shower hooks, and clipped them together.

I wore a white sweater underneath and pinned it low so it looked like I was naked. I did my make-up black and white and wore a white-blond wig to look like Janet Leigh. We used fake blood on the outside of the curtain.

Kevin wore a dress over his regular clothes, and old lady wig, fake blood on the dress, and black and white make-up. He also wielded a fake knife.