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Coolest Shower Scene from Psycho Costume

The shower frame is made from 1/2″ PVC pipe. The shower head is made from the top of a 2 liter soda bottle and the lid to a package of Laughing Cow cheese, all spray painted silver. The “water” is made from the iridescent strips used in gift baskets. The shower curtain and rings came from the dollar store.

It’s hard to see in the picture but the inside of the shower curtain is covered in fake blood spray. I sprayed some on my hand and made bloody hand prints. I cut slits in the shower curtain and attached a plastic knife by reinforcing the curtain on the inside with clear packing tape, inserting the knife halfway through and then taping the knife tip to the inside.

The shower rests on my shoulders by straps made from clear packing tape. I would’ve gelled my hair to make it look wet but I was at work and so had to make do with a shower cap.

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