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Homemade Sharknado Costume That’ll Blow You Away!

After watching the Sharknado Movie on the Syfy Channel this summer I was inspired to make a Sharknado Costume for Halloween. I am a Shark Week geek and I love Syfy so this seemed to be the best of both worlds Sharks and Syfy. I threw this costume together in just two days and on a budget of just $10 dollars, made it all the sweeter.  I work at Hallmark Cards and our Creative Division puts on a contest every year, so of course I enter every year because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate and be creative. I won second place this year for the Innovative/Conceptual category.

This simple costume is made up of 1 cream frosted $2.97 cent shower curtain liner, a $1.00 Hula Hoop I got at a $1 store, some old quilt batting I had lying around cut into strips, a styrofoam ring I had lying around the house, a paper shark hat I made from 2 sheets of grey construction paper I had at home, and shark photos I copied off the internet, some clue and wire.

To put it together I tapped the shower curtain around the top of the Hula Hoop with duck tape. I tapped the bottom of the shower curtain to the ring at the bottom with duck tape, make sure the ring is big enough to get your feet in it and that you are able to walk.  I did not take walking into consideration, I had to walk around all day looking like Morticia from the Addams Family, taking little baby steps all day to get where I needed to go at work. My co-workers laughed at me all day long when they saw me walking to the restroom or to the printer, it was fun all day long to see their reactions. The restroom is another thing I did not take into consideration, trying to get in and out of that was challenging to say the least. I wired the batting in a spiral pattern on the out-sided of the curtain with some green floral wire that I had at home. I hot glued the shark photos to the batting all around the costume in a random pattern. I painted black/ white/ grey lines on the shower curtain between the batting layers to form the wind affect. I sprayed a little black coffee on the batting to make it look like dirt. This was kind of funny later because I smelled like coffee all day, but that did not matter to me because I love the smell of coffee.

I wore all black clothes underneath with black shoes and I wore a grey fleece hoodie underneath the shark hat to complete the costume.

You can say this is kind of a green costume too, because I re-purposed stuff I had around the house to make the costume. I enjoy coming up with new and unusual costumes on a budget. I hope you all enjoy, and keep on being creative. I got allot of  (Great Costume!) comments on this one from my creative coworkers at Hallmark and I enjoyed making some of my Shark Week Geeks happy this Halloween and I hope to top it next year.


Items used:

1 Hula Hoop

1 Styrofoam Ring big enough to stand in and walk in

1 Cream Shower Curtain Liner

3 Yards of Quilt Batting

2 Sheets of Grey Construction Paper for Hat

Green Floral Wire

Hot glue gun

Black/White Acrylic Paint

Shark photos and scissors to cut them out with

Duck Tape


Black Clothes, Black Shoes, Grey or Black hoodie or stocking cap will do.

Homemade Sharknado Costume That'll Blow You Away!

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