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Sharknado and Killer Shark Couple’s Costume

My husband and I love Halloween and really enjoy coming up with creative costumes! After the craze of “Sharknado”, my husband had the great idea to go with this move as the theme of our costumes. We decided that I would be the tornado with sharks and he would be the “killer” shark from the end of the movie. Our costume was a huge hit! We were too late for any contests so a bartender ended up buying us a round of shots due to missing the contest. Lots of people took pictures and we had a ton of fun! One final thought- Due to the heaviness of the costume, my husband had to zip tie the bottom of the funnel to my belt so it would stay on. This proved challenging for using the bathroom since he had to cut a zip tie and then help me out of the costume each time I used the bathroom or had to get in the car!

Here’s how we made the costumes:

1. Sharknado- We bought 2 small hula hoops and ended up cutting and duck taping the lower hula hoop so it would form a funnel. We then wrapped chicken wire around the top and bottom of the funnel for extra support. We bought an 2X t-ship that I wore to hold up the funnel and cut and duck taped this around the top hula hoop for further support. We then added about 50 years of white tulle and about 5 bags of spider webbing for the exterior. Christmas lights were taped in the inside of the funnel that blinked for the lightning effect. We then zip tied plastic sharks, cars, fences, a plane, and california related signs to the outside. To make the funnel come out and stay on my body, we zip tied the bottom base of the tornado to my belt loop with the the back of the tornado only tulle and cobs webs so I could easily get in and out of the costume.

2. Shark- We bought a grey hoodie and sweatpants and glue gunned red felt for the gums on the inside of the hood followed by white teeth. We then took fake blood and smeared it all over the teeth. We made a fin out of carboard which had grey felt over the top and then we glue gunned and sewed the fin on the back of the jacket. We bought large googly eyes and covered the top of the eye with some grey felt to make him look meaner. We pasted the movie promo on one side of the fin and tah-dah, a shark was made.

Sharknado and Killer Shark Couple's Costume

Sharknado and Killer Shark Couple's Costume

Sharknado and Killer Shark Couple's Costume

Sharknado and Killer Shark Couple's Costume

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  1. Can I use straps to hold the tornado up instead of a t-shirt? I really like how you can push it down. My boyfriend plays the saxophone and wants to be a tornado for Halloween but has to play that night as well. I’m really hoping this costume will allow him to play easily.


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