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For All Shapes and Sizes Tornado Costume

As I lay on the floor with chicken wire attached to me, I wondered why I had to choose to become a tornado. Why not something simple, like a cat for instance. No, I was determined to be unique. Judging on how this costume set up was going, if I didn’t come out a whirling tornado, I sure would “exist as the only one”. The definition of unique may be taken for either bad or good. In the end though this costume was a success. Quite messy, and only for the most committed Halloween goer to attempt. I must advise, results may vary.

We found the majority of our supplies at Lowes, all these items consisting of generally outdoor objects, stores such as Menards would likely get the job done. Assembly is required to happen on the night one wishes to wear the costume, because set-up of the tornado has to happen on the body. One cannot complete the tornado without assistance, because the costume wearer, is essentially the model, and the assemblers have to create the costume around the persons body.

hula hoop will become the widest point in the tornado’s structure, it will be on the top, approximately at shoulder length. Attach string or ribbon or rope, whatever one may have around their house to one side of the hula hoop about 1/4 away from the edge or wherever the shoulders will hit when wearing the hula hoop, then stretch the string across to the other side to create a strap. Repeat that step for the other side also. Then, in a upside down cone, wrap chicken wire around the body to form the appropriate sized tornado. Secure the top part of the chicken wire to the hula hoop so it stays stable, and create a couple of layers of chicken wire, so the structure will stay in the correct position.

At this time, cut holes on either side of the tornado for the arms to come out. Now, add the stretchable spider web around the whole costume covering all the chicken wire to create the cloudy look the the tornado. To complete the tornado, search for random items or small toys around the house, like a plastic cow toy, doll, or a leaf to secure the the tornado to create the appearance that the tornado sucked up these items like a real one could. For additional craziness, buy gray spray on hair coloring, to make the hair appear to be part of the costume, I also suggest adding a leaf or two and possibly a stick to ones hair in order to complete the tornado look.

For All Shapes and Sizes Tornado Costume

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