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Original Sharknado Costume for Women

I wanted a costume that was original and funny this year, and I think this Sharknado Costume came out perfect.

I started with the top of the tornado, using wire to create two different sized circles that connected. I used a frame for a wreath that I found at a craft store and manipulated. I think you could also use a hula-hoop, but for me thick wire did the trick. I ended up having to reinforce the back with a ruler, which I attached with hot glue and duct tape. Because I was going to cover the top with cotton and tulle, this addition could stand to be a little messy. I also put a shark over it to make sure it was totally covered in the end. I attached white and black tulle around the wire structure by just wrapping it in a slanted motion.

For the dress, I used a plain grey tank dress and simply wrapped tulle around it and secured it with a hot glue. I would suggest loosely attaching the tulle for two reasons: it will make a better messier tornado, and it will allow you to still get into the dress (my dress was stretchy cotton, so some of the tulle was too tight and I had trouble fitting into the dress when I was done).

For some added dimension, I sprayed grey with spray paint to add some of the swirls. I printed off shark pictures and hot glued them everywhere, them topped it all off with some cotton to create more of a swirling effect. The top was not attached to the dress, but more of a headpiece that rested comfortably on my shoulders. To make it look like it was attached. I extended the cotton from the headpiece to the dress, securing it with a safety pin.

The Sharknado costume ended up being pretty comfortable. I got tons of laughs and compliments, and I can definitely say no one else I encountered had my costume. A real original!

Original Sharknado Costume for Women

Original Sharknado Costume for Women

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