So it was the week after the 4th of July, and I was sitting at a lunch table with my brother and family after being reunited with my brother after eight long weeks of not being able to see or talk to him while he was in basic training for the United States Air Force. My brother’s one and only request when we took him out to lunch was to go somewhere with a TV, because he had not been allowed any technology while in basic training. The news was on and it was obviously a slow news day because the only story that kept running was the news of a science fiction movie that came out called “Sharknado.” Now I am as girly as girls come and I do NOT watch sci fi films, but the idea that someone would come up with a movie so ridiculous with sharks flying out of a tornado made me spew my drink in front of my entire family. After they looked up to see what I was laughing at, everyone at the table started cracking up. When Halloween came around I wanted to go with something orginal. I was over the cute sexy cat and pirate costumes, I wanted something funny but original like a SHARKNADO!

I printed off huge images of sharks some with their jaw wide open and some looking a little less scary (not like that’s possible.) I also went to the fabric store and got grey, black, and white tulle, enough of each color to wrap around multiple times to look like a tornado. After all of the fabric was saftey pinned on to me, I hot glued the shark images on to the fabric and voila! A sharknado was born!

I honestly thought my costume would win some type of prize, obviously not sexiest but maybe most creative. Honestly, it probably would have if I had stuck around Phoenix, where I am from. But my boyfriend decided we should take a last minute road trip to Vegas for Halloween. Although it was a fun weekend and it was so fun to see everyone in costume on the Las Vegas strip, the costumes were outrageous!! A few costumes looked like people had been working years to perfect! I got plenty of laughs from strangers and almost everyone we passed wanted to take a picture of me/with me. Even though I didn’t win anything it was still the best costume I have had to date!