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Sexy Homemade Tornado Costume

A sexy homemade Tornado costume to remember:

A couple of years ago in my first semester of college, my roommates and I decided to host a Halloween party. I wanted to make a costume that people at the party would remember and ask me about it. I looked online for ideas and seen one that was a “natural disaster”. That costume gave me the idea to design my own “disaster” and be a Tornado! It was so simple to make and very cost efficient!

Round up supplies:

So all you need for this costume is a little black dress (this is what makes it sexy), about 3 yards of grey ‘net’ fabric, a variety of dollar store animal/farm toys, and some black fabric covered wire.

I picked up my dress from American Apparel for $15.00 and my fabric from Fabricland (you can get it on sale just before Halloween usually).

Twirling up a Wind Storm:

Put on your black dress and start wrapping your net fabric around your body. I started mind at my bust and kept wrapping it around to the bottom of my dress. You don’t want to wrap it too tight because you will need to get it off after you finish making it (unless you put it all together right before you’re going out). I tried to make it look a little messy (since it is a wind storm) instead of neatly wrapping it around my dress.

Sweeping up a Farm:

This step requires a little bit of patience and tiny fingers to tie knots. You will need some kind of string or thread to attach your toys to your costume. I bought a kit at the dollar store that had little farm animals and trees in it. You don’t want the toys to be too big and bulky. I tied the thread around the toy and then tied it onto my fabric. Since it’s a netting fabric you should be able to tie it through the little holes pretty easily. Continue to do this with most of your toys all the way around the dress. Leave about 5 or 6 toys unattached.

Stringing it all together:

To really get the illusion of a tornado, I attached my leftover toys to a longer piece of thread/string and tied them to my dress so that they hung down about 10-15. When someone would ask me at the party what I was, I spun in a circle so that the toys on strings would spin around me like they were caught in a tornado.

Head Gear:

On my head I wore piece of black fabric covered wire that had been spiraled to look like the shape of a tornado. Truthfully, I found my wire on the inside of a witch’s hat I found at a costume store but this might be where you have to be a bit more creative and make your own.

I wore my hair straight with my costume that night but I wish I had teased my hair and added leaves or twigs to be more disaster like, or look like I was actually caught in a tornado. I think that would have just added even more to my costume.

Getting people’s reactions!

This was the most fun I’ve had with a Halloween costume because at first glance, most people didn’t know what I was. So when people asked me what I was, I simply put my arms out, made a “whooshing” sound and let my farm toys spin around me. Most people were able to guess what I was and loved my idea!

I hope you enjoyed this costume idea and try it out sometime, it was lots of fun and could be used with any age person!

A Halloween Costume to Remember:
A couple of years ago in my first semester of college, my roommates and I decided to host a Halloween party. I want

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