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Cool Homemade Pennywise The Clown Costume

Here is my Pennywise The Clown Costume from Halloween 2010. I decided to do this costume as I knew it would be a real challenge and as you can see a lot of work and money went into it. The costume went down a storm on the Halloween night out that I go on with all my mates every year.

The costume consisted of a mask that was bought off the internet from America and then I added a bigger red nose as the mask’s original. It didn’t look big enough, the trousers are some decorators white overalls that I dyed yellow but I bought them oversize to try and give them a baggy effect like on the film.

The clown ruffle was from a company off eBay which hand makes them to your specific size. The waistcoat is a standard size one which I cut down and then stitched red trim round edges. The shirt was the most tricky part as I bought a purple oversize silk shirt and then bought some aqua material and cut them into stripes to stitch on the shirt to give me the authentic look of Pennywise. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Homemade Pennywise The Clown Costume

Homemade Pennywise The Clown Costume

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