Coolest Homemade Pennywise Costume

Some of my friends are event organizers. At these events they sell balloons (with laughing gas or helium). As I replied to a thread about this event I posted a picture of a Pennywise Costume (holding balloons). After this I was challenged by one of the guys, to attend the event as Pennywise, to sell the balloons.

I started to search for a good Pennywise costume and found out there aint one. I came across this site and decided to create one with a little help of my Mom’s sewing skills.

I started searching for the various items (eg. Wig, gloves, nose,fabric etc). Firstly I challenged the wig. I ended up with the Baldy deluxe wig, after some hairdressing the hair came out just right. (I made the wig wet, and combed/brushed it up then I left the wig hanging upside down to dry).

Second Challenge, teeth. I got those at mostly After I used the molding kit provided also by mostlydead it fitted great (although drinking & smoking is a little difficult, but with a straw it works just fine, but be careful with alcohol, kicks in faster while drinking through a straw).

Then fabric and colour. I went to an annual fabric market to find the most similar fabric for the body suit (yellow) and the striped sleeves and collar. The striped collar and sleeves fabric had a nice backside which is used to make the jacket.

The collar is a standard 3 layer collar, with one layer removed and replaced with some of the fabric used for the sleeves and jacket(inside out). The woolie things on the front are made from plain red wool. Those can be made with a round cut cardboard ‘donut” circle, and made to any size).

For the eyes I already had the black sclera eye lenses to finish the dark look. The make up was just plain white & black from Grimas studio make up. I must say my make up is a bit shakey.(nervous). The nose in the picture is a foam nose, as I forgot this part and realized there was no time to get a more realistic nose. the gloves are plain and simple white gloves available at many carnival stores).

I added a zipper on the front, and openings on the side to reach the pockets. Also a purple and green liner band are used for the ankles and trimming of the jacket.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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