I’m Shawna’s mom and she wanted my help with this homemade costume.  I didn’t find this site until we had already finished her costume last year but I like to try and describe how we made it.

I had purchased the yellow dollar a yard fabric at Wal-Mart years ago, I believe it was about 6 yards so if we made a mistake we could start over.  We started out by taking a old pair of pajama pants (we made it flair more at the en) and using that as a pattern but did not stop at the waist but made the waist go clear up to the neck area, like a one piece.  The costume ties at the neck, you would have to step into the costume.  Down the center of the costume we sewed the black thin piping, front to back. We sewed black rick rack and put in elastic around the ankles.

We took satin turquoise material and sewed in the pink ribbon with wider purple material for the sleeves and around the neck bib.  We made two white satin rows, one smaller then used the turquoise and purple then a large white satin.  We measure around the neck and placed elastic around securing the bib with a safety pin.  I believe they measured to be about 26 to 30 inches before the elastic went in.  The vest was a corduroy dress we got at a goodwill store and because of the design we cut it and made the vest and place pink satin all around the vest.

The pom poms are orange yard you can buy at Wal-Mart or any fabric store, we just wrapped them around a 6″ cardboard about 100 times then tied the center and cut the ends.  One skein made those three.  The white cap was a swim cap we got at walmart and ordered the red long hair off ebay, we hot glued the hair to the white swim cap.  The red nose purchased off ebay as well.  We had the white gloves and did the makeup from what was at walmart and printed pictures of the real Pennywise to try and be accurate.