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Cool Homemade Penny Wise Clown IT Costume

Since I love the movie and still scares me up to this day I decided to dress like IT because not a lot of people do it.


I used a balloon, newspaper, flour, water, red spray paint and fabric and fiberfill for pillows. First I made a glue with the flour and the water to make the steps like a piñata, I did cut the newspaper in squares and put the glue/flour on the balloon and covered it all then when it dried I popped the balloon and cut it in half. After that I cut it to make a shape of half moon. After that I put more glue and started to put the fiberfill. I spray painted it red and let it stand for a while then I put a cover in the inside with lots of balls of newspaper and then put fabric so it wont bother my head.

I traced the yellow body suit onto the fabric. Then I gave the shape to make it look big as the clown has it. I put hot glue to make it look like it was sewn up the ruffles. I just sewed them and put them in an elastic bag, white one then the medium color one and the small white one on the color one i use dark blue fabric and baby blue ribbon …. and the two yellow ruffles of the feets. the red lil balls i made them of worsted i made like 60 circles around my hand the tight it up from the middle and the cut the little loops to make the balls.

The vest I made it of black shinny fabric and red ribbon. I traced a shirt and make the same for the vest.  Then around the edges I glued the red ribbon. The sleeves were made of baby blue fabric and then glued dark ribbon around the sleeves to make the stripes effect. The make up was white cream make up, liquid eye liner a bald cap, liquid latex, red lipstick the nose and the teeth I bought them, blue eyes shadow. After I did all the makeup I glued the wig to the bald cap. The burned effects of my left side of the face I made them of white clay I put it on my face and made the shape of my face and then put lots of layers of clay to make it hard and then I added a piece around the eye, cut it to make the loop shape and made the burned marks and painted it.

Had a super awesome reaction, all my Facebook people started to comment and lots of likes on my costume pictures they loved it and when I went to a costume contest all the people from the club where asking if I could take pics with them and got send a lot of free beer.

I put my heart on this costume. I loved it a lot. I really think you should select my costume because it is unique and is 98% made by me only bought the teeth that I actually made them a bit more pointy and long and well the nose I bought it.

Cool Homemade Penny Wise Clown IT Costume

Cool Homemade Penny Wise Clown IT Costume

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