Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Costumes and Photos

Mel Brooks’ hilarious Star Wars spoof comes to life in this amazing collection of Spaceballs costumes. Laugh out loud at these humorous homemade costumes. Seems like the only thing funnier are the names of the movie characters.

Dress as the late John Candy’s character, Barf. You’ll see one guy here looks uncannily similar to him. As a result, from his impeccable costume to the expression on his face, you will do a double take!

In addition, group costumes are always a hit. All the groups featured here look as if they are having a great time dressed up as their favorite characters. From Dark Helmet to Princess Vespa, these costumes are hilariously awesome.

So whether your favorite character is Lone Starr or President Skroob, check them out here. Hence, may The Schwartz Be With You as you embark on your DIY costume adventure. And don’t forget to inspire others by sharing your costumes here!

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Costume by Jason S., Cutchogue, NY

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Costumes and Photos

Our idea for Spaceballs costumes started with watching the movie Spaceballs in July. I had to be lord helmet for Halloween. I started with quarter inch chicken wire as the base for the helmet, bent it into shape, made some cuts for the corners then proceeded to paper Mache the entire thing inside and out two times.

I had some old gladiator costume and painted the chest piece and shoulder pads with black spray paint. Then made face piece out of pizza box with window tint for the eyes so I could see. Bought some Batman gloves, cape, made tie from old belt and lots of Velcro!

Total Spent: $55

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Costumes

Costume by Danielle B., Patchogue, NY

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Costumes

From the movie Space Balls the Star Wars parody, my boyfriend was “Dark Helmet” and I was a “Space Ball”. Our Spaceballs costumes were completely homemade including a painter’s jumpsuit, Styrofoam and cardboard helmets and cape made out of on old nightgown from a thrift store.

We spent about a month preparing these costumes and I must say it was well worth it.

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Costumes

Total Spent: $30

Costume by Jay C., Bethesda, MD

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Costumes

I originally got the idea after watching the Spaceballs DVD. I didn’t run into any other ready-made Spaceballs costumes.

This Dark Helmet costume took me about month and a half to make and put together. The materials I used for the helmet were newspaper, wall paper, glue one large balloon, one white hard hat, one can of black spray paint, and one can of Great Stuff sealant for the mask. I also used cardboard from a box, a stainless steel sink strainer and car window tint for the clothing. I got vinyl from a fabric store, sliver ink pen, a Count Dracula cape, fake glasses, long sleeve gloves and a ring pop as my Schwartz ring.

Total Spent: $50

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Costumes

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