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Dark Helmet Costume: The Man, The Myth… The Headache!

I wanted to be dark helmet the first time I saw Spaceballs back in the 80’s. Something different and stands out. I built the helmet from vacuum forming the lid off a Weber outdoor grill. I then added the skirts from syrene plastic. After dozens of rivets and glue bondo and a ton of sanding the shape was complete. I made the mask from vacuum forming a wood version. I used plexiglass for the lens and automotive tint. The gadget to raise and lower the mask was alott of trial and error.  The belt was cut from wood and covered in plastic with cut vents.  the coin was formed by pouring bondo into a waxpaper lined cup. After it dried it was perfect for carving and paint. I added studs to a set of biker gloves.  The chest plate and tie were custom cut from more plastic sheets.  I even made the dolls! The dark helmet doll the head came from a character from ghostbusters who played darkhelmet in the movies. This along with molding the helmet and using several Starwars action figures body parts. The Schwartz ring I molded from clay and painted. A total of 6 months and I was pleased. However it is heavy. I even used a bike helmet! I would sneak off to relax my head but it was so worth it The reactions were crazy. There was a line of people wanting to take pictures! I felt so much in character I really enjoyed played the roll. One lady perfered the mask down for pictures :( LOL!!!  I hope u enjoy!

Dark Helmet Costume: The Man, The Myth... The Headache!

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