I made this homemade Dark Helmet Halloween costume over the course of a couple of weeks and wound up investing a lot more hours into making it than I ever imagined I would when I began. I started by shaping the helmet over a pumpkin using oaktag and wire mesh. I then applied around 4 layers of paper-mache to get the smooth look of the helmet and spray painted it with a glossy black. In order to secure the helmet to my head I used a hard hat with a retractable tinted visor.

I made the mask using cardboard, oaktag, and wire mesh, and I used a hot glue gun to attach it to the retractable visor so I could have it up or down throughout the night. For the shirt, tie, and belt I used a glossy black vinyl material and armature wire for the silver accents. The gloves were made out of black rubber gloves and black duct tape.

And to top the whole thing off I had a light up toy ring as the Schwartz. This homemade Dark Helmet Halloween costume was a fun costume to make and wear, and I even received a round of applause when I got on the subway on Halloween in New York City wearing it.