For the Barf costume, most of the items can be purchased from Amazon. The jumpsuit, Barf name tag, Barf wig, and tail. Pair it together with a pair of Converse sneakers and some face paint and you are good to go.

The construction was only to hot glue the name tag, cut a small hole in the butt area, and hot glue the tail from the inside.

For the Dot Dot Matrix costume, I had some leftover craft foam. We cut pieces of foam and hot glued them together to form the shape of the chest, skirt, and neck-piece.

We built the costume from the front to the back. The back closes with some Velcro.
A gold leotard, gold wig, and gold facepaint completed the look and could be found on Amazon or a party store. The shoes were constructed from gold ice skating shoe covers that we superglued over a pair of old platform wedges.

We wore our costumes to a Halloween event at the Miami Children’s Museum. For other guests who got who we were, they were laughing and taking pictures with us.